Cable-driven machinery for Unity

Filo is an advanced yet easy-to-use cable simulation system, aimed at simulating cable-driven devices.

  • Extremely stable simulation of highly complex systems
  • Highly scalable
  • Fully automatic cable rendering
  • Simulate rolling contacts, attachment points, spools...
  • Works in all platforms

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What makes it different?

Compared to more traditional cable/rope simulators, Filo has some key advantages:

Here's a table comparing Filo and our other rope/cable simulator, Obi Rope:

ObiRope Filo
Performance O(# particles in the cable) O(# of bodies in contact)
Scalability Relatively simple systems Highly complex multi-cable systems
Max. mass ratio 1:10 1:1000
Dinamically resizable Yes Yes
Torsion resistance Yes (Obi Rod) No
Self-collisions Yes No
Tearable Yes No

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